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What To Do Once You’re Engaged

Have you found yourself engaged! It’s engagement season! You may be asking yourself, “there is a season for engagements?” Yes, there is a time year after year when the most number of engagements occur. It is between December and February, with December statistically being the most popular month for a proposal and engagements.

It is an ideal time to propose since it is around the holidays. There is joy all around, lots of festivities, and opportunities to sneak in a surprise proposal. Family is in town so you get to share the proposal or announce your engagement to everyone in person.

Whether you get engaged during the holidays, engagement season, or another time throughout the year it can be overwhelming. You may or may not have gotten hints that a proposal was coming, either way, you are surprised and probably in shock. You’ve always dreamed of the wedding but maybe hadn’t really thought about being engaged or being a fiancé.

Today I am sharing some tips and things to do first once you’re engaged. So you can enjoy this season of your life.

 1. Breathe & Soak in the Season

Take a deep breath and soak in the beautiful ring on your finger. Enjoy a few weeks of getting used to being a fiancé and calling your partner your fiancé. Don’t feel like you need to instantly start to plan. You don’t need to have all of the answers to every wedding question. It’s ok to tell people you’re just soaking up all the things when it comes to being engaged and will inform them of wedding plans as they unfold. The planning will come but being newly engaged is a one-time thing so savor the feeling.

2. Decide how you want to share with friends/family

After getting engaged you will want to shout your happiness from the rooftop and maybe instantly post it to social. I would encourage you to stop and keep it between the two of you until you decide who and how you want to share with friends and family. You may want to record everyone’s reaction, give a cute gift, or surprise them with your ring. If you go shouting it from the rooftop you lose that opportunity. Once you’ve decided how then share it with everyone. I would suggest social media being the last place so you can tell everyone important to you in person.

3. Ensure you have an extended service plan or warranty for your ring.

Most importantly, once you’ve gushed over the gorgeous rock on your finger that your partner so perfectly picked for you, make sure that it is protected. You will want to check to see if your partner purchased the warranty or extended service plan at the jeweler when they selected the ring. If they didn’t, take your ring there promptly and add that to your account. This service will cover the ring for a cleaning and inspection every 6 months typically. The inspection ensures no diamonds are loose and will cover the cost in the event diamonds are lost, rings need to be resized or discolored. Please read what the warranty is and what the extended service plan covers. Utilize the plan to its fullest by not missing a cleaning or inspection.

Check back next week for a continuation of tips on what to do once you’re engaged!

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