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Bridgewater College Fall Virginia Engagement

Bridgewater College is Carrie and Quinnten’s alma mater and where they met one another. Mutual friends who were dating at the time invited them to a group outing at Fear Forest. A spooky walk through in the dark with people jumping out at you and yelling. It is not Carrie’s type of thing but thankfully she went because she met Quinnten. Carrie and Quinnten didn’t become friends until closer to Christmas break when they chatted through texts during the break. Quinnten asked Carrie on their first date in January of 2016. They went to Vito’s Italian Restaurant and as they say, the rest is history!

Carrie admits she knew pretty early on in the relationship that Quinnten was the one. He didn’t back away at her independence but rather embraced it. However when she gradated, she did not want to stay in the Bridgewater area for a relationship in the event that it would end badly. So she actually moved to Winchester for 4 years. However, Quinnten finished his last year at Bridgewater College and landed a job so he ended up staying. It wasn’t until the 2020 pandemic when Carrie moved back to Bridgewater and in with Quinnten that he was excited to continue this way for the rest of their lives together. He had wanted the relationship to last at least 5 years before proposing but he also wanted to live together first.

So in April of 2021, Quinnten had planned a really perfect proposal at a flower field 2 hours away. Carrie’s favorite flowers are daffodils, so he wanted to get all dressed up and go to a daffodil hill to propose. Sadly, the daffodil crop did not do well that year. Quinnten then began execution of plan b. He took her to the park right near Bridgewater’s campus and proposed there while catching it all on video too! Carrie thought Quinnten’s reaction to the flower field being closed was weird. Although his actions were weird,  Carrie was totally surprised, he asked and she said yes! Now they are planning their 2023 wedding!


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