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Ashton Creek Vineyard Virginia Wedding

Ashton Creek Vineyard is located in southern Virginia near Richmond. I had the pleasure of photographing a wedding there last August with The Kents Photography. As I do with every wedding, I watch the forecast for the day. Unfortunately I have no way of changing the weather but I can prepare and pack adoringly. The forecast for Katelyn and Brennan’s wedding was 100% chance of rain. 

My number one goal at a wedding is to reduce and remove as much stress as possible. One way I do that is by offering suggestions to problems to ensure the couples experience is amazing. If I solve problems that the couple haven’t even considered then I can take something off their plate while also giving them the confidence they will have a great day with amazing photos. 

To prepare for Katelyn and Brennan’s wedding, I packed all of my water gear so I figured I would share that to give you a glimpse on what you can expect if it rains on your wedding day. First, for me, I wear waterproof shoes, a dress or shorter attire to avoid the bottom getting wet, and a rain jacket. I want to be warm and dry. I always bring an extra outfit with a second pair of shoes. Just in case I slip, rip a hole, or get drenched. No one wants to be wet all day/night. 

As for my gear, I ensure it’s all packed, zipped and covered to transport from the vehicle to the venue. My gear is store away from doors and water traffic areas. My gear has backups in case anything does get wet, breaks, or fails to work. I bring umbrellas for the couple and wedding party. I want to ensure everyone stays as dry as possible also. So whether it’s going from the ceremony to the reception or from one photo location to another. 

During the day I will monitor my weather app and find pockets of time on the radar for outdoor photos if possible. We will utilize the umbrellas for photos too which are adorable. I work with the couple and planner to restructure the photo for the timeline around windows of opportunity. 

No matter the challenge, I always work to do my part to ensure the wedding day is enjoyable. Some things are out of my control but how I handle them are in my control. The experience I provide is in my control and the photos we capture is in my control. Although it rained heavy for most of Katelyn and Brennan’s wedding, we still captured beautiful photos! 

Venue | Ashton Creek Vineyard

Main Photographer | The Kents Photography


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