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Waterfront Alexandria Engagement

Waterfront Park in Alexandria is where Dio and Laura spend many a date nights eating sushi at their favorite restaurant. So it was only fitting to take their pup Mochi and grab sushi for their engagement session on the waterfront. Similarly, these two had their first date in Chinatown at a sushi restaurant, see the pattern? Sushi is a huge part of their relationship. When asked what three things she couldn’t live without, Laura’s response was, Mochi, family and sushi!

Thankfully their engagement session wasn’t as warm as their first date where Laura had a hilarious ice breaker. Dio immediately told her his nerdy interests and fandoms. They understood one another’s nerdy references and humor and extended their date by getting a drink. Laura shared with me that she had such a great time and knew there was something special about him. She even kept the coaster from the restaurant.

Laura and Dio’s relationship continued to get stronger and nerdier. Last December Dio mentioned to Laura that there was going to be a birthday party for her at one of her favorite cidery’s, Lost Boy’s. He mentioned it being small and quaint with only their friends. Laura recalls Dio acting weird the week of, not letting her go upstairs to grab laundry. She assumed it was because of her birthday and he was trying to surprise her. The day came and when Laura walked in her extended family, parents, Dio’s sisters, and father friends from all over the country were present.

Dio began playing a slideshow of greetings and well wishes from friends who couldn’t make it in person. Lastly he had a cameo appearance from James Marsters (from Buddy the Vampire Slayer), Laura’s all-time favorite TV show. James sung happy birthday to Laura and told her to turn around because Dio had a big question for her. She was in total shock when she turned around to find Dio proposing. She said yes and the rest is history!

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