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Everett Cullers Overlook Front Royal Engagement

Everett Cullers Overlook didn’t disappoint for Lindsay and Andrew’s engagement session. These two nature lovers wanted mountains, foliage, and views so Everett Cullers Overlook was just that. These two now live in Pennsylvania but they made a weekend of it while visiting their alma mater James Madison University. JMU is where Lindsay and Andrew met.

On Valentine’s Day they both went to a party and a mutual friend introduced them. Lindsay thought he was cute but wasn’t looking for anything serious. She figured she would just have a fun evening talking to a cute guy but then ended up talking the rest of the night and they exchanged numbers. They texted back and forth the rest of the weekend.

The following Tuesday JMU had a snow day. Lindsay asked if Andrew wanted to come over and hang out on the snow day. He was so sweet and they played Wii Sports and Wii Mario Kart with Lindsay’s roommates.  They had hot chocolate and talked all day.

Andrew took Lindsay to Chipotle, her favorite place and back to his apartment where he played the guitar and sang to her. At the end of the night Andrew drove Lindsay to her apartment where he kissed her goodnight. He picked her up and it started snowing at that exact moment. Talk about a magical fairytale beginning!

One month after they started dating, they both said “I love you.”  Lindsay and Andrew both knew the same weekend. How cute?! Then the magical fairytale continued. Lindsay shared that she wanted Andrew to propose but didn’t expect it the day he did.

They went on a long hike in preparation for their hiking trip out west. The view at the top was beautiful. Lindsay recalls Andrew acting weird about his backpack and she kept offering to carry it because the water and snacks were heavy. Apparently Andrew was being weird but Lindsay just brushed it off.

When they started hiking back down Andrew grabbed Lindsay’s hand. She was like, “Do you need something?” And when she turned around Andrew was down on one knee. Lindsay instantly started crying. Andrew told her it was real and he was not kidding. Lindsay recalls being  so excited and shocked. She did not expect it at the moment. Andrew had the ring in a beautiful stained glass box with a heart that his mom had made for it. It was so personal and perfect.

And now these two are getting married next May!

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