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Blue Mountain Lodge Spring Engagement

Blue Mountain Lodge

Blue Mountain Lodge has been where Courtney wanted to do her engagement photos before she was even engaged. The Shenandoah Valley and these mountains is where Courtney and Jesse call home with their two pups and cat. They have been together ever since 2019 when Courtney slide into his messages to wish him a Happy Birthday. It was a smooth pick-up line and it worked!

If it wasn’t the pickup line that snagged Jesse, it would have definitely had to be Courtney’s cooking. For their first date, she made him a seafood feast! With no good seafood places that they were aware of around she decided to make dinner herself. She made crab cakes, shrimp, caesar salad, and lobster mac and cheese. Bonus, puppy snuggles were for dessert from Courtney’s new puppy!

Shortly thereafter, Courtney threw a Halloween party. Someone drank and threw away her limited edition Game of Thrones wine bottle. It was a birthday gift from her brother earlier in the year. Obviously upset because she had no intentions on drinking the wine, much less throwing the bottle away. However, later that next evening she noticed Jesse was looking up Game of Thrones wine on eBay and she knew right then that she was going to marry him. Jesse doesn’t recall a specific moment when he knew Courtney was the one. But rather, he loved her gradually and one day realized he would do anything for her and she would do anything for him.

Courtney’s desire to get engaged to Jesse was no secret. The jokes and comments were frequent with friends, family and pretty much all the time! On Valentine’s Day weekend she made the joke before she left the house for a busy day that Jesse could “propose this weekend if he wanted to.” When she came home and didn’t see flowers on display she said, “guess you’re not proposing.” Little to her surprise, Jesse knows her too well and he knew she would say that. So he pulled out the ring and said, “Do you mean this?” He got down on one knee and asked Courtney to marry him and she obviously said YES!

I hope Jesse keeps Courtney on her toes with lots of surprises for a lifetime because she needs that balance and deserves it. These two are adorable together. I love the way Jesse makes her laugh and gives her the space to be creative and herself! I can’t wait for their wedding next year at The Refinery. All of the details will be meticulously selected and over the top. Did I mentioned that Courtney is the part owner of Forest & Field and Flower Co and plans to do her own florals? As if that isn’t crazy enough, be sure to scroll down and see what crazy idea Courtney had for her engagement session!

Blue Mountain LodgeBlue Mountain LodgeBlue Mountain LodgeBlue Mountain LodgeBlue Mountain LodgeBlue Mountain LodgeBlue Mountain LodgeBlue Mountain LodgeBlue Mountain LodgeBlue Mountain LodgeBlue Mountain LodgeBlue Mountain LodgeBlue Mountain LodgeBlue Mountain LodgeBlue Mountain LodgeBlue Mountain Lodge

If you know Courtney, you know she always has a crazy idea up her sleeve! It did not surprise me when she texted me, “How allergic are you to cats? I have an idea.”  I am allergic to cats but not deathly, although I appreciate her caring! She mentioned she wanted their engagement session to be very much them. Which I 100% encourage. She shared with me that a normal evening for the two of them is pizza and beer on the couch. We, really Courtney, began brain storming this idea and vision of a mini photoshoot at their house with pizza, beer, and their pups! I love this idea and how unique it is to them! Also, peek the photo of the message where Courtney slide into Jesse’s inbox!

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