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Madison and Tyler’s one year dating anniversary session turned surprise proposal is one for the books. I’m getting another sister-in-law! I could not be more happy for these two. We have come to know and love Madison and can’t wait for what the future holds for these two. So let’s back up, TJ and Tyler went to dinner a few months back to catch up. Little did TJ know that at this dinner Tyler would share that he had plans to purchase a ring and propose. TJ felt so overwhelmed with joy and excitement that he was in on the upcoming proposal.

Tyler then shared with me that he would love to have the proposal photographed which I was 100% on board with. I have secretly wanted to photograph a surprise proposal for some time. Then the planning began! Tyler went and picked out the ring, had it sized and the plan was a go! TJ and I held onto the ring for him so avoid Madison stumbling on it at their house. Surprisingly getting a photo session scheduled was much easier than we thought because it was Madison’s idea. These two just celebrated their 1 year dating anniversary and wanted to document it. Tyler has seen the many sessions I have done for my brother and his girlfriend and he wanted to start the same tradition.

So we took a peak at the calendar and found a date amid busy wedding season. I was working with Madison on what to wear and the location while simultaneously working with Tyler on the proposal set up! It was a bit stressful because I didn’t want to text the wrong person with the wrong information but I kept the secret! I also worked with TJ to video it. Unfortunately our session date was moved around a bit. I think we rescheduled for multiple reasons, however the last reschedule was because of an impending thunderstorm and high winds. It was a good call to move it but made it a bit more challenging.

The weekend we originally planned for was the weekend Tyler had drill for the National Guard. We were all on stand by hoping that he got out of drill early on Sunday so we could make the surprise happen. Thankfully he did, even though it was last minute and all of the original plans changed, it could not have gone better! So we all arrive at the session location and I am a ball of nerves and I wasn’t even the one proposing. However my responsibilities included setting up the photo, handing Tyler the ring, and taking photos between holding back tears. All of this while ensuring Madison had no idea what was coming! Shew, talk about pressure!

So we started the session. The photos were gorgeous. They were getting comfortable in front of the camera and all was going as planned! We captured in Madison’s mind some beautiful dating anniversary photos! We had them both change outfits after a while and began taking photos again. During their outfit change TJ and I were planning the exact spot for the proposal. Once Tyler and Madison were in the second outfit we once again began taking photos.

As far as Tyler knew, I would hand him the ring at some point in the second outfit but when he had no idea. So I maneuvered them down to the spot I had previously picked. I had Madison facing away from Tyler as he held her. I lied and said Tyler’s shirt was messed up and as I came up to “fix” it I handed him the ring! It was go time! I got back in position, “retook” the photo without the “messed up shirt” and then had them turn and face one another! Then it was all Tyler!

He hesitated out of nerves for a second but stepped back, and got down on one knee. According to Madison, he fumbled the words, “Madison, Will you Marry me?” She said “What, Yes, What, YES!” We celebrated their proposal with a champagne spray and some gorgeous ring shots! We are so excited for these two and are so glad that we could be a part of their story. As nervous as I was, I am glad that we could help put this together and capture the first of many moments and photo sessions!

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