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Spring Virginia Engagement

Although Hanna and Kyle don’t agree on their dating anniversary date, these two agree on their wedding date. This Saturday! What better way to celebrate than showcase their engagement session. Things have been a bit crazy for these two as they have moved, changed jobs and are expecting a baby so we squeezed in their engagement session just in the nick of time. But also such a fun time to capture some bump photos for these two!

Hanna and Kyle started talking online in October 2020. But their first in person meeting was different than most. Hanna was activated for the national guard for covid-19 response in West Virginia with an unpredictable schedule. Kyle drove 90 minutes to meet Hanna in AirForce PT gear with an isolation gown, N95 & a face mask. Kyle came looking extremely handsome and brought donuts and water for her team. She knew from the start he was extremely thoughtful. Within the same week, Kyle drove another 90 minutes for a one-on-one breakfast date at Bonnie Blue.

It wasn’t long before an engagement was coming. Hanna recalls Kyle starting to act weird so she knew something was up his sleeve. In one week, three different people asked to take Hanna to get a pedicure, which was suspicious. All while a list of house projects loomed with a deadline. So she was asking a million questions. Hanna left with a packed back of a cute outfit to go get a pedicure with her sister-in-law.

Afterwards, Hanna was taken to her mom’s to run the errands with her, clearly a diversion. After returning from errands Hanna’s mom requested she get ready. They left the house and drove to the church to walk in to meet her dad. He walked her into the sanctuary where there are dangling lights, down the aisle to a TV. A video starts or Kyle, family and friends telling Hanna why she is special and how they see a change in her for the good with Kyle.

Once the video ended Kyle was standing behind her with ring & a big question, “Forever isn’t long enough, but it’s a start. Will you marry me?” YESSSSSS!!! Hanna and Kyle left there with their parents to go to a celebration dinner in Winchester. They were driving when Kyle pulled into a KFC and gets out of the car. “We are eating HERE?!?!” Kyle then puts a blindfold on Hanna and they end up driving to their house & there are a ton of my family & friends to celebrate at the engagement party Kyle planned. Such an epic, extravagant proposal which excites me for their wedding!

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