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Great Falls Park was the perfect location for Caroline and Jayden’s Engagement Session as it connects Virginia and Maryland. Caroline is from Virginia and Jayden is from Maryland so the place these two states connect was perfect!

The both of them met at a summers long marching band tour, called Drum Corps in 2018. Jayden recalls really liking Caroline but being nervous to talk to her. He would make up excuses to talk to her, like asking to borrow a hair pin since he had really long hair. It wasn’t until their second summer touring up and down the east coast when their relationship became more. Towards the end of the summer they both realized they wanted to get to know each other better.

During their first date Caroline remembers being nervous but having so many butterflies. It was then that she realized she had found a keeper. The both of them had a connection with one another that they had never had with anyone else.  Jayden describing the moment he knew Caroline was the one is something you hear about in the movies, but for them it’s real. One day towards the end of their tour, Jayden remembers searching for Caroline in the crowd and just admiring her. It was something he didn’t realize he was doing for a few months until that moment. A friend asked him what he was looking at, and Jayden responded, “I’m gonna marry that girl.” And that brings us here today!

Their proposal is just as sweet as the two of them! Jayden attempted to recreate their first date at the beach but a marathon prevented them from being alone. This upset Jayden as he wanted the day to be perfect and just the two of them. Caroline being very aware of Jayden’s feelings could tell something was up because he was acting strange. To break the tension Caroline made a joke about him proposing. Jayden of course denied it, and they continued on with their date. As the date came to an end and they started heading to the car he figured it was now or never. Although he had a whole speech planned out, he forgot everything he wanted to say, so he decided to speak from the heart.

The ring he proposed with is one that has been passed down from generations. It originally belonged to his great grandmother and he was meant to give it to someone special. He couldn’t think of anyone better to give it to than Caroline herself. Of course she said yes through all of her tears!

Caroline and Jayden are the perfect match for each other and I cant wait to see the love that the two of them share shine on their wedding day!

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