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Downtown Winchester is where Jackie and Evan spent a lot of their time when they first started dating. So we went back to where it all started for their engagement session. Tinder is where Jackie and Evan first connected. Jackie recalls swiping right and instantly being a match which means that Evan swiped right first! How cute, right?

After chatting for a bit Jackie invited Evan to her home for a little get-together at her new place, she and a friend just moved in to. Evan thought it was just going to be him and Jackie watching a movie and chilling.  However to his surprise he was immediately thrown into drinking games, Jackie’s friends and a million questions.

Needless to say, Evan survived the party and Jackie really made an impression on him. So much so that he took her to lunch AND dinner the next day as their official first date. Jackie recalls knowing Evan was the one the second she laid eyes on him, before she even met him. She told her friends, “I just saw my husband” and they laughed at her.

Evan recalls knowing Jackie was the one on two occasions. First, when he dripped sauce on his shoes at a cookout and she bent down to wipe them off. Second, when they got into an argument and his mom told him he was being an idiot and to call right right away!

Jackie and Evan had looked at engagement rings to know what style and cut Jackie would like. She knew a ring was coming but didn’t expect it shortly after looking due to budget and timing. However, on New Year’s Eve Jackie and Evan had a low key get together with family. It was nearing midnight and all of the guests had champagne. They watched as the ball dropped, they all said, “Happy New Year” to have Jackie turn to Evan to cheers to find him down on one knee. A surprised Jackie said a few choice words but obviously said YES!

They will tell you they did things a bit out of order. A home purchase and having a baby came before marriage. However, there is no “order,” it’s your life and you do things on your terms and your pace. Now they have a beautiful home and an adorable little girl, who joined us at the end of the engagement session on the Downtown Winchester Walking Mall. Jordan will also be their flower girl!

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