live within your means, become debt-free, and live a financially healthy life

with the freedom to do what you want when you want!

It Starts with an Open Mindset, Eagerness to Learn, & Willingness to Grow!


The All In Financial Course

12 Week Financial Course
Worksheets, Calculators, & More
Weekly LIVE Q&As
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One-On-One Coaching for 1st 10 Sign-Ups

I want you to feel empowered to make changes but know that I am right here to answer your questions and to cheer you on. I break down every aspect of finances to make it easier to understand and fit your family.

All of the information and knowledge that I share is from personal experience. I have walked this path and have personally felt every step of the way through this journey.

Are you ALL IN?

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The All In Finances Course!


This course will literally CHANGE YOUR LIFE! We uncover everything from past spending habits, behaviors, and navigate through past purchases to determine if they are wants and needs.


After analyzing the past, we work to put together a budget and bill calculator to help you forecast for the upcoming month and enter actuals to ensure you stay on budget or adjust as needed.


Remember a budget isn't scary and it isn't something that controls you since you put in the parameters. A budget can be adjusted but the goal is for you to tell each dollar where it needs to go.


Once your budget is established we will work through all of life's adult decisions such as buying a house and a car. Then we navigate the terminology of health and auto insurance to determine the best coverage for you now and in the future.


We cover every adult decision life brings for you and your family.

Imagine if…

Money wasn’t a worry, or a conversation, or a conflict anymore!


Imagine if you were DEBT FREE and had the FREEDOM you always wanted.


Imagine the amount of stress that could be lifted?


Imagine if you have certainty in your financial situation to allow you to make decisions for your and your families benefits without fear of when or where the next paycheck is coming from?



Imagine if you or someone in your family was laid off from work and you didn’t have to stress?


Imagine taking a 3 or 4 week VACATION every year to see a new country or just reset yourself.


What kind of life do you want for yourself? For your family? For your future family?

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First 10 Sign-ups Receive A FREE ONE-ON-ONE COACHING SESSION with Franzi

Meet Franzi

Hey There! I am Franzi and I am one part of The Curry’s. My handsome husband makes up the other half! Together, we are debt free other than our mortgage! Together we paid off $72k in 29 months all while continuing to pay our regular household bills. We have been able to fully fund our 6 month Peace Of Mind Fund, a 3 week trip to Europe, and so much more! But it hasn’t always been like this...

Tj and I grew up in different financial households and are two different people. I grew up in a financially conservative household with three siblings so money was tight and we had to stretch it. Whereas my husband grew up in a household where money was more available. The finer things in life were purchased, annual trips, new vehicles, you name it. We fell in love, got married and quickly realized that we were on different ends of the spectrum. I was a saver and he was a spender.

My husband and I got married in 2013 and quickly realized the stress and pressure of being a newly married couple. We had done “all the things” that a couple is “supposed” to do including having an elaborate wedding and honeymoon, buying a home, furnishing that home, car loans, tuition for college degrees, and living above our means.

Unfortunately and fortunately we quickly realized that we needed a different direction for our marriage. We knew that the number 2 leading cause for divorce is financial issues and we have seen first hand how it can get ugly quickly and change a relationship. We went from being lovebirds on our honeymoon to losing one of our incomes completely within 30 days of marriage. Talk about panic, anxiety, stress, and fear!

It took 8 months to find a new job to semi replace the income we lost. We went through the most challenging time in our marriage. We quickly learned what was important (mortgage, utilities, and food) and what wasn’t important (eating out and entertainment). We became hermits to survive. We realized that we NEVER wanted to be in this situation EVER again.


We wanted to be in control of our life and future so we attended a financial course and it changed our lives. It created a space for us to communicate about finances which is key, get on the same page and work together towards the same goal.

All of our progress was due to attending the finance course but also because we were diligent in working the steps. However I realize that not everyone can go at this alone (you and your partner) and a course and book just might not cut it.

You might have additional questions which is why I created The All In Financial Course to give you insight on where you stand financially right now and to move you in the direction you want to be. I have also created a space with like minded individuals on the same path as you so we can keep one another accountable.

After living through our own transition with money, knowing the weight that is lifted by being debt free and the opportunities that present themselves because of our financial situation, I wholeheartedly want that freedom for everyone. We have lived this life and have maxed out so many financial opportunities and gained confidence in knowing that we are in control of our life!

The Details

What YOU get from The All In Finances Course

- a TRUE understanding of you and your financial standing.


- a mental check-in on your relationship with money.


- actionable steps to create a budget that fits your wants & needs.


- a module for money in relationships at all stages [single, dating, engaged, and married.


- a blueprint of auto, health, vision and dental insurance to ensure you and your family are sufficiently covered.


- a plan to save for retirement to ensure you can retire when and how you want.


- an accountability group and live Q&As weekly to ask any questions throughout the week.


- a couples Q&A with my husband TJ.


- a multitude of calculators to help establish where you are and where you want to be.


- a comprehensive monthly bill calculator to forecast and input actual money spent.


- budget category percentages calculator to determine how much is being spent in different categories compared to where it should be.


- debt calculator to determine your starting point.


- credit card payoff calculator to see how extra payments will decrease the number of months to payoff.


- debt payment forecast to see how soon you could be debt free.


- debt payment calculator to track your progress.


- a net-worth calculator.


- peace of mind fund progress calculator.


- sinking funds forecast calculator.



This Course is For you If…

-You are tired of living your life paycheck to paycheck.


-You work hard and have nothing left of your paycheck after debt payments.


-You are drowning in debt payments every month.


-You don't feel like you will ever get ahead.


-You think you will always have a car loan or mortgage.


-You don't want to worry about your family if you lost your job.


-You want to start a family and stay home with them.


-You want to live off one income in your household.


-You want to retire early.


-You want to travel & enjoy life.





The Modules

What's inside The All In Finances Course?

Week 1

Welcome & Introduction

Week 2

Money Mentality & Mindset

Week 3

Spending Percentages

Week 4

Household Bill Calculator

Week 5

Bank Account Structure

Week 6

Buying A Car

Week 7

Buying A Home/Refinancing

Week 8

Auto Insurance

Week 9

Health Insurance

Week 10

Vision & Dental

Week 11


Week 12

Life Insurance

The Next Class of The All In Finances Course

Starts in...

bonus content

check out all of the extras

Inside every lesson there are TONS of BONUS CONTENT in the form of excel files, worksheets, calculators and MORE! I love bonus content because I feel it helps my students understand each module, effectively make calculations and implement it in their own finances with ease.



VALUE: $500

The Online



Making friends and finding accountability partners contributes to success in this program.

I would never leave you alone to complete the course which is why I have a LIVE Q&A every week to answer any questions and an online community to post questions in throughout the week as they arise.

Past students have shared their successes, struggles, and questions along the way. It's a safe space to be vulnerable and learn from one another.


The All In Finances Course

Being Financially Healthy Is the ULTIMATE GOAL

The Cost

So how much is the course?

Value: $1500

COST: $497

I want you to think about long term when considering purchasing this course. The return on investing in yourself is PRICELESS. The course price in relation to the freedom that you will receive after completing this course is something I can't put words to.

The peace of mind you will have after working through the building blocks will give you the ability to live your life differently and take control of your future.

The All In Finances Course offers a DIRECT return on your investment simply because it teaches you how to manage your money, live within your means, and save for future purchases.

YOU TAKE BACK CONTROL! You make the decisions on how you want to live. Past students can speak to the freedom they felt paying off each debt and establishing their Peace of Mind Fund.

Join The All In Finances Course TODAY with just one payment of $183 (with two additional monthly payments of $183) or, for the best value 1 payment of $497 (saving $50).

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The Next Class of The All In Finances Course Starts in…

First 10 Sign-ups Receive A FREE ONE-ON-ONE COACHING SESSION with Franzi

You’ll get ALL of the tools that you need to CHANGE YOUR LIFE







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3 Month Payment Plan


3 Payments

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