Fresh 48 Weston Winchester Medical, Virginia

A month ago today, baby Weston made his appearance in the world at Winchester Medical Hospital. He was born 4th of July weekend after being a bit late on his estimated arrival. But I think he was worth the wait! Weston was so tiny and handsome. He was born on July 2nd at 4:15 p.m., weighing in at 7 lbs, 1 oz. Weston was the perfect model, he didn’t fuss for me. He only fussed when the doctors came in to check his stats and bother him. He slept through most of his session but that allowed me to capture some of his small features, that I know won’t stay small for long. His long arms and legs

I’m always excited for fresh 48 photos, even more so when the parents are close friends. Stephanie and Bo have been waiting for this day since they got married. It was so fitting that they found out they were having a little boy. Bo will be having him watch football and teaching him how to play baseball before you know it. Stephanie and Bo will are wonderful parents and Weston is already so loved. I can’t wait to watch him grow up into a wonderful little man!

Although I don’t typically photograph babies,  I do love getting to visit in the hospital and capture these moments for parents. It is a beautiful time for a family but it can also be exhausting from the many emotions and  hours of labor. Fresh 48 photos take the pressure off the parents and allow them to enjoy their newborn while I capture their memories. I am so honored to capture Weston’s fresh 48 and looking forward to sharing his newborn photos shortly! Believe me, you won’t want to miss his newborn photos!  Weston-Woodard-Newborn-Fresh-48-Winchester-Virginia-Hospital19Pin It Weston-Woodard-Newborn-Fresh-48-Winchester-Virginia-Hospital17Pin It Weston-Woodard-Newborn-Fresh-48-Winchester-Virginia-Hospital18Pin It Weston-Woodard-Newborn-Fresh-48-Winchester-Virginia-Hospital1Pin It Weston-Woodard-Newborn-Fresh-48-Winchester-Virginia-Hospital5Pin It Weston-Woodard-Newborn-Fresh-48-Winchester-Virginia-Hospital2Pin It Weston-Woodard-Newborn-Fresh-48-Winchester-Virginia-Hospital3Pin It Weston-Woodard-Newborn-Fresh-48-Winchester-Virginia-Hospital7Pin It Weston-Woodard-Newborn-Fresh-48-Winchester-Virginia-Hospital14Pin It Weston-Woodard-Newborn-Fresh-48-Winchester-Virginia-Hospital13Pin It Weston-Woodard-Newborn-Fresh-48-Winchester-Virginia-Hospital10Pin It Weston-Woodard-Newborn-Fresh-48-Winchester-Virginia-Hospital8Pin It Weston-Woodard-Newborn-Fresh-48-Winchester-Virginia-Hospital9Pin It Weston-Woodard-Newborn-Fresh-48-Winchester-Virginia-Hospital4Pin It Weston-Woodard-Newborn-Fresh-48-Winchester-Virginia-Hospital11Pin It Weston-Woodard-Newborn-Fresh-48-Winchester-Virginia-Hospital6Pin It Weston-Woodard-Newborn-Fresh-48-Winchester-Virginia-Hospital12Pin It Weston-Woodard-Newborn-Fresh-48-Winchester-Virginia-Hospital15Pin It

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