Virginia State Arboretum Boyce, VA Engagement

Leslie and Shawn didn’t need any time to warm-up when we arrived at the Virginia State Arboretum. They got out of the car with contagious smiles and I knew it was going to be a great session. Leslie and Shawn have warm and inviting personalities that make you feel like you are best friends. They make you feel like you have known each other forever. I hadn’t met Shawn at their wedding consult but I knew by how Leslie described him that he was going to be nothing less than fun. He made sure to sneak in a few funny faces and made Leslie laugh. I think my favorite part about these two is how natural there love is, it comes so easy to them. Leslie sparkles when she talks about Shawn and Shawn is no different. He couldn’t keep his eyes off Leslie the entire afternoon.

We talked the entire afternoon, so much so that I had to focus on ensuring that I was taking their photos as well! We even chatted for a while after their session and that guys warms my heart. Leslie and Shawn are the most easy going couple and I love the friendship that we have formed because that is what it is all about. I want to not only serve you on your wedding day but create a long lasting friendship. The love that these two share is undeniable. If their engagement session is any indication of their wedding day, it can’t get here soon enough! I can’t wait for July when these two will become husband and wife and hearing all of the details about their day I know it will be the perfect day for these two, with personal unique details shared with their friends and family.

leslie-and-shawn-engaged-franzi-lee-photography28Pin It leslie-and-shawn-engaged-franzi-lee-photography32Pin It leslie-shawn-engaged-franzi-lee-photography29Pin It leslie-shawn-engaged-franzi-lee-photography31Pin It leslie-shawn-engaged-franzi-lee-photography30Pin It leslie-shawn-engaged-franzi-lee-photography22Pin It leslie-shawn-engaged-franzi-lee-photography27Pin It leslie-shawn-engaged-franzi-lee-photography25Pin It leslie-shawn-engaged-franzi-lee-photography24Pin It leslie-shawn-engaged-franzi-lee-photography26Pin It leslie-shawn-engaged-franzi-lee-photography23Pin It leslie-shawn-engaged-franzi-lee-photography21Pin It leslie-shawn-engaged-franzi-lee-photography14Pin It leslie-shawn-engaged-franzi-lee-photography9Pin It leslie-shawn-engaged-franzi-lee-photography13Pin It leslie-shawn-engaged-franzi-lee-photography15Pin It leslie-shawn-engaged-franzi-lee-photography12Pin It leslie-shawn-engaged-franzi-lee-photography20Pin It leslie-shawn-engaged-franzi-lee-photography19Pin It leslie-shawn-engaged-franzi-lee-photography18Pin It leslie-shawn-engaged-franzi-lee-photography11Pin It leslie-shawn-engaged-franzi-lee-photography16Pin It leslie-shawn-engaged-franzi-lee-photography10Pin It leslie-shawn-engaged-franzi-lee-photography6Pin It leslie-shawn-engaged-franzi-lee-photography4Pin It leslie-shawn-engaged-franzi-lee-photography7Pin It leslie-shawn-engaged-franzi-lee-photography5Pin It leslie-shawn-engaged-franzi-lee-photography8Pin It leslie-shawn-engaged-franzi-lee-photography3Pin It leslie-shawn-engaged-franzi-lee-photography2Pin It leslie-shawn-engaged-franzi-lee-photography1Pin It

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