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I Am A Photographer. That almost seems as if I am trying to convince myself and to be honest for a while I was. I was scared to introduce myself as a photographer or tell people what I do or why. I couldn’t convince myself to include being a photographer on my resume or in […]

I got a Nikon Camera Birthday Cake! Last Thursday was my birthday and if you were following along on Instagram, you would have seen that I LOVE birthdays! Most people shy away from birthdays because you are celebrating that your a year older but not me, I love them! I am such a kid when […]

A few months ago I needed some photos taken for the website redesign and I was hesitant because I don’t particularly like having my photo taken. I guess that is why you’ll typically find me behind the camera and not out in front. However, for this particular reason I had to be the subject for […]

Last Thursday I took the day off from my day job and traveled to Fredericksburg, VA for the Come Together Event hosted by Katelyn James and Jordan & Amy Demos. A local photographer, Thera and I road tripped it to Fredericksburg early so we could adventure downtown and do some shopping. Fredericksburg is gorgeous and […]

Today is my Friday at my Mon-Fri day job because tomorrow I am taking the whole day off for the Class of 2016 FFP Senior Model Group Photo Shoot! It is going to be amazing. I don’t think I will be able to sleep tonight because I will be too excited for tomorrow. It feels […]