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I am a HGTV Fixer Upper Magnolia Market addict. It drives TJ crazy because I will always have HGTV on the television if I am home. I love the designs, the love, relationship, and final home showcase. Living in Waco would be a dream because we would definitely get Joanna and Chip to do a […]

Texas Forever! TJ and I share a LOVE for Texas! We had so much fun on our first trip when we went for Thanksgiving to watch a Dallas Cowboys and Washington Redskins game that we knew we wanted to come back. This trip was a little different in that it was booked primarily because of […]

We are going to Texas to Amanda Holloway’s Kitchen Sink Workshop. Amanda has the most sought after senior experience in Texas and girls drive hours to have her photograph them. Not only are we going to the workshop but we are making it a mini vacation.

I Am A Photographer. That almost seems as if I am trying to convince myself and to be honest for a while I was. I was scared to introduce myself as a photographer or tell people what I do or why. I couldn’t convince myself to include being a photographer on my resume or in […]

A romantic getaway for two was exactly what TJ and I needed and the Bavarian Inn was the perfect place to go. It is only about an hour from home in Shepherdstown, WV, which was far enough away from home to make it a mini vacation or weekend getaway but not to far that it took […]