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Have you ever had a fashion emergency? A stain? A Rip? or runny make-up? I know everyone has had it happen but the bigger questions….are you prepared? Do you have an emergency kit? I will be honest, I was not and that was scary to me. I am not one that takes a long time to get ready […]

I am not a make up artist; actually I am no where close. For those who know me well, they know that I wear foundation, a little eye shadow, and some mascara.  Sometime I feel like my face looks too plain. Because of that, today I tried something out of my comfort zone; contouring. I […]

Rainy days can seem to drag on. It’s hard for me to wake up and get my day started. Everything is gloomy outside and you can guarantee that I will have a bad hair day. But the more I have looked into it, the more I have seen some of the cutest outfits to wear […]

I am waiting with anticipation for cooler days. The transition into fall is hard, because the mornings are cool and brisk but by the time lunch comes around it is in the upper 70s. During the wait for cooler temperatures, why don’t you stock up on some great fall looks. This blog post is designed […]

Fall 2015 is fast approaching and this week I want to tell you all about this year’s color trends! As the temperature gets cooler, the color trends become warmer. These colors are universal and can be worn by everyone. They have been seen all over the runways for guys and girls. Here are four fall […]